Web Design and Development

Bespoke Web Solutions and Tools

SC Web Creations can provide the following services:

Website design – this includes the design and build of the site interface and sites pages. Our process is to develop two concepts and upon your feedback the designs will be developed into a final solution.

Bespoke Skin Site Integration – this involves integrating the Sourcing City skin site into your site with all the page templates matching the design of the site.

Home page Content Management – a tool will be provided to allow you to manage all the content on the home page and updating New Products and Special Offers.

Product Catalogue CMS – this is a tool that allows you to create, edit and delete your own catalogue of products, this also includes tools for you to add new product categories.

News CMS – this is a tool that allows you to add News items to your web site.

Case studies and testimonials – this allows you to add case studies and client testimonials to your web site.

Quote Management – this is a back office tool that stores all of the quotation requests raised on your web site.

Catalogue Integration – depending on your catalogue partner, SC Web Creations can provide differing levels of integration of your catalogue. Services range from customising the web frontend provided by your catalogue partner through to fully integrating the catalogue into your site using your sites template design.

Full site optimisation – this is a service where all listing and product pages are optimised for the search engines, this will give you 85,000 product pages optimised and give high level search engine listings against these products. When this was launched, our first client to take this service generated large levels of enquiries within the first three months of going live. This service has an additional monthly subscription fee.